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A: I think he has an ideal background and resume. He was a key figure in a Houston organization that often succeeded in categories in which the Wolves have failed player development, international scouting, creative thinking. I was impressed by his moves this season, acquiring D Russell and Malik Beasley while ditching onerous contracts.

He took over the strip and brought in a more flamboyant style in contrast to Jim’ s realism. Romero liked to draw beautiful women and he added a sense of romanticism and sensuality to the strip. He continued to work for eight years and then left to pursue his own projects.

Are glad to be in the park, he said. Had a lot of smiles, a lot of backs. Davis of Cape Elizabeth was walking his 12 year old Labrador retriever Katie and abiding by another condition of the parks reopening: all pet owners are required to keep dogs on leashes to keep their owners from inadvertently getting too close to other people.

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