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‘Witchcraft’ child abuse cases up are up by a third

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wholesale jerseys from china Staff from Haringey Council put their sympathy for the woman before the needs of the children, whose lives have been seriously damaged, High Court judge Mr Justice Hayden said.The case said by the judge to be the worst failure by social workers he had ever come across carries echoes of the scandal over the death of Baby P in 2007.In that case, Haringey social workers allowed 17 month old Peter Connelly to live with his neglectful mother, who was later convicted and jailed over his death from 50 injuries.The same north London borough failed to save Victoria Climbie, murdered in 2000 by her aunt and a boyfriend who subjected the eight year old to extreme violence.Mr Justice Hayden spoke of a ‘litany of failure’ at Haringey Council in north London, which was criticised after the deaths of Victoria Climbie (pictured) in 2000 and Peter Connelly in 2007Mr Justice Hayden allowed Haringey to be named yesterday and lifted an earlier ruling preventing the council from being identified. ‘Witchcraft’ child abuse cases up are up by a third as.The judge cited the borough’s ‘lamentable history’ and recorded a series of highly critical assessments by the Ofsted inspectorate in recent years.He declined to identify the social workers involved in the case but instead said the council’s Director of Children’s Services, Ann Graham, should be named.The scandal began three years ago after the mother campaigned to have the family home refitted so her older son, a quadriplegic cerebral palsy sufferer, could live there.The judge said he had first heard details of the case when the ‘bureaucratic sclerosis’ of Haringey meant the adaptations, which ultimately cost 340,000, had not been been made.Haringey Council was accused of failing to safeguard Peter Connelly, known as Baby P, who was found dead in his cot at 17 months old in 2007Mr Justice Hayden, who is based in the Family Division of the High Court (pictured) in London, allowed Haringey to be named yesterday and lifted an earlier ruling preventing the council from being identifiedIn early 2018 the boys’ mother and father broke up.After the split, social workers stopped speaking to the father, and took the side of the mother.This continued after the mother began a relationship with a paedophile who had been released from prison for abusing his daughter. During 2018 and 2019, the sex offender visited the mother’s home, was seen with her in a McDonald’s, and the woman had his name tattooed on her wedding ring finger.The man visited the hospital where the disabled boy was being treated and was seen by the younger boy on at least one occasion wholesale jerseys from china.

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