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While campaigning for governor in 2018

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Cheap Jerseys from china The fact that DeWine has now inserted himself into the child abuse conversation comes as little surprise. While campaigning for governor in 2018, he said the core of his policy agenda was going to be Ohio’s children: educating them and keeping them safe. The pledge appears to have been more than a campaign slogan.. Cheap Jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys Shadow has a “close and intertwined relationship,” according to Lee Fang’s reporting for The Intercept, with a firm called Acronym, which was founded by Democratic operative Tara McGowan, whose husband is a senior strategist for the Buttigieg campaign. Early on Tuesday morning, Buttigieg gave a speech apparently declaring victory in Iowa, when there was no evidence he had won. Others have suggested that the Shadow app was deliberately sabotaged to slow the perceived momentum of Bernie Sanders, the candidate most feared by the Democratic establishment wholesale jerseys.

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