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“To do it here in this stadium with this atmosphere

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“It’s great,” quarterback Dak Prescott told NBC after the game. “To do it here in this stadium with this atmosphere, the way the team came out and the way that the fans came out, it was great. If this stadium was electric like this every home game, we’d be tough to beat here.

Where did such strength of conviction come from? Perhaps from a family where honor was in the atmosphere. Or from the firsthand experience of cruelty, which left physical reminders that lasted his whole life. Or from some deep well of moral principle.

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“They went out of their way to make sure that they knew exactly what their customers liked. It was just a very, very comfortable setting to walk into.”Jean Franois Chaufour with his best friend, Hugo Fregnan. (Courtesy Photo)Chaufour was also passionate about his employees.”I think one thing that he was really proud of was that a lot of the people that worked for my dad back in the day opened really successful restaurants,” Anne Claire said.

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