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This is wise, because women live three to five years longer

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uk canada goose outlet It is still true that more men than women manage their household financial planning but the numbers are rapidly shifting. Today, 27 percent of married women manage their household finances alone, up from 14 percent a decade ago, according to a recent survey. Among women who are the higher earner in their household (44 percent of married women), 65 percent manage their household finances. Among women who earn less than their husbands, half share the responsibility for financial and retirement planning. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Online As Mother Day approaches, we can look at canada goose outlet in winnipeg how mothers can teach kids of any age about money. Here are a few of those ways. Canada Goose Online

canada goose 1. Listen to your parents including Mom. More than 70 percent of adults say they learned about the importance of saving from their parents. A 2015 survey reports that 75 percent of millennials say they would canada goose outlet winnipeg address take financial advice from their mothers, compared to 52 percent of baby boomers. That advice might be paying off. A survey released earlier this year found that the millennial generation has increased its savings more than any other generation, saving 7.5 percent of income for retirement, compared to 5.8 canada goose outlet percent in 2013. canada goose

canada goose store 2. Live within your means. In a Mother Day survey about financial advice, 55 percent of people said uk canada goose outlet their mother encouraged them to be frugal. Moms are canada goose trousers uk also well remembered for teaching kids about sales, coupons and how to tell the difference between a want and a need. (A rule of thumb from some mothers: If nothing bad will happen if you do not buy the item, it is a want, not a need.) canada goose store

Canada Goose sale 3. Let the best manager handle money. Good financial planning has no gender. A couple should not base task designations on gender, but on canada goose selfridges uk who is the better fit for the task. The best person to pay the bills (on time), for instance, is likely the person who is the most organized. The main money manager also should be canada goose vest outlet the one who is least likely to overspend. But a couple also should have frequent discussions so both partners can canada goose black friday deals uk discuss canada goose outlet edmonton goals, understand their financial status, and know where financial records canada goose outlet store quebec are kept. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket 4. Prioritize long term goals. Research shows that women are more likely than men to rank long term goals, such as not outliving retirement savings, as very important. This is wise, because women live three to five years longer than men, on average. Fortunately for women, some studies have shown that women are better investors. One theory behind this is that women may be less likely to fall victim to overconfidence in making investment decisions. Whether you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle or other, most advisors recommend saving at least 10 percent of their income for retirement. Consult a financial advisor if you are not certain if you canada goose outlet store locations are on track for a healthy retirement buy canada goose jacket.

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