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There was a time I would have scoffed at someone so

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Neil Blake: In front of the steps where the speakers were, people were standing close together. While many people were angry with the way Gov. Whitmer has handled the crisis, the mood in the crowd was upbeat and enthusiastic. Hideous is not too strong a word. In my dotage, especially during the winters of my dotage, I have become extremely fond of heated car seats. There was a time I would have scoffed at someone so jaded that derri heating was a deal breaker.

And over apologizing can make you look less confident. It can seem as though you’re sorry for everything for your actions and feelings, for taking up space, for your mere existence. These types of inappropriate apologies are roundabout ways of criticizing ourselves because we’re essentially saying, “I’m wrong” or “I’m to blame” all the time.

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