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The news cycle is consumed with the pandemic

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The case of John Gaskin raises questions as to how such experiences impacted upon the mental health of prisoners. But can it offer an explanation for subsequent acts such as that perpetrated by Gaskin against Agnes Byrne? The Coroner at the inquest into Gaskin death acknowledged a possible link but ultimately left this question unanswered. He simply stated that deceased had apparently formed an attachment for her (Agnes Byrne), but his affection was not reciprocated.

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Mindy: We can be amongst our own kind and it is really nice to connect with people who are just like you. I have known PT even longer than you so I am fan girling over here just a little bit more than you. But I have been attending FinCon since 2013 and I know that people who have listened to the show in the past will recognize the name FinCon because I think we have mentioned it on every single episode we have ever recorded.

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