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The amount and type of jobs available regionally

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Germany is to overhaul the way it regulates accountancy firms as it seeks solutions to contain the fallout from the huge fraud at payments group Wirecard AG.The government will terminate its contract with the country accounting watchdog, the Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel, according to officials briefed on the matter.The power to launch investigations into companies financial reporting would then be handed to BaFin, Germany financial regulator, the officials said.The Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel, a private sector body with quasi official power, monitors the financial reporting of listed companies on behalf of the government.the Wirecard affair has shown is that by the auditors doesn work properly, J Kukies, Germany deputy finance minister, told the Financial Times. We will inevitably have to question whether the bodies that currently regulate the industry should continue to do so in their current form. More than three years, EY failed to request crucial account information from a Singapore bank where Wirecard claimed it had deposited cash a routine audit procedure that could have uncovered the vast fraud at the German payments group at a much earlier stage.The Wirecard affair has proved highly embarrassing for the German government, which fears it could damage the reputation of the country financial services industry.

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