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The album cover from ‘Duck’ was re created stage

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wholesale nfl jerseys Ces moments difficiles mettent notre socit au dfi etnous obligent tre la hauteur du rendez vous que l’avenir nous donne. Dans le journal Le Monde, l’historien Yuval Noah Harari a rcemment crit que Le vritable antidote l’pidmie n’est pas le repli, mais la coopration et ajoute que la vritable protection vient du partage. En aucun cas l’tat de confinement actuel ne doit rimer avec repli sur soi.

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Cheap Jerseys china Razorlight departed and the stage was, literally, set for Kaiser Chiefs. The album cover from ‘Duck’ was re created stage right, complete with garden furniture and parasol, and a huge screen initially set up to look like a billboard occupied stage left. Ricky and his band started their performance atop the beach bar with their summer single from last year ‘People Know How To Love One Another’, and then one by one made their way down the stairs at the back for the remainder of the performance. Cheap Jerseys china

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