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Retired baseball player Cal Ripken

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Job was being on the draft floor, going table to table with a headset on to the truck. Gary Green was the interviewer, so I would be following him around and he would be like, I have John Muckler here for an interview, and I would radio the truck that, we have John Muckler, and then I signal we on. That was my job.

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They restless. Coyotes came to the South from their native western ranges about 50 or 60 years ago, crossing the Mississippi in a relentless push for food. In Georgia and other states, they found a smorgasbord: open trash cans, pet food left outside, pets.

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Everybody you don agree with is “close minded”. It the fact that they can seem to see the sense in your own position that makes them seem like such benighted fools. But they look at you in the same way. So why did I see all those unoccupied blue seats? Do that many people take a pee break at the same time?What would a Larks game be without the boys in the TSN Tower of Babble On gushing about their favorite lousy quarterback, Johnny Manziel? Sure enough, Rod Black went into groupie mode, telling us that “Everyone in Canada was so intoxicated with the Johnny Manziel story” last year. No, Blackie, you were intoxicated. Apparently, you still are.

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