Suppliers to the On Trade Sector

We sell beers into the On Trade, supplying pubs, restaurants, bars and hotel groups. We develop a specific brand plan for each beer/customer and work either with the customer direct or with specific wholesalers to increase distribution.

We identify the best customers for the beer and then work with these individual customers using brand introductions, bespoke promotions, staff training and organised tastings designed to build brand recognition and increase rate of sale. We believe this educational process ensures that our On Trade customers are offering the complementary and high-quality beer offering that consumers are now looking for.

  • Brand Introductions

  • Bespoke Promotions

  • Staff Training

  • Organised Tastings

We supply products to:

  • Pubs

  • Bars & Clubs

  • Restaurants

  • Hotel Groups

  • Venues

  • Events

Beer Portfolio Construction

World Beers can help tailor your beer offering to cater to all drinkers, from those looking for something more sessionable like a session Pale Ale to those looking for something more unique and intense in flavour and complexity like a Stout or Bock beer. World Beers can provide you and your staff with the knowledge and the complementary portfolio that covers a range of beers styles without having to compromise on quality.

Ultimately customers in the on trade are looking for a special experience that cannot easily be achieved at home. At World Beers, our experience in the on trade has given us a unique insight in to how to develop your beer portfolio to achieve the best results

Beer Within Restaurants

Beer selection and availability at restaurants is becoming ever more popular. Customers are often looking for something different from a standard range that the they can purchase in the shop next door, often for a fraction of the price. By having an exclusive and enhanced beer offering, restaurants are able to generate additional sales that otherwise would not have been possible. This offering can also be a talking point and helps to develop customer loyalty.

Food & Beer Pairings

We’ve been doing this for a while now and it seems to be catching on. Historically food and drink pairing has only been associated with wine; however, food and beer is a match made in heaven.

We have vast experience in pairing beers with dishes, whether this be a complementary pairing, a contrasting pairing or even the creation of a new flavour. This is not only an engaging way of learning more about the beers, but also works as a brilliant tool that can really enhance the customer experience. We understand there can be high staff turnover in the On Trade environment, so to complement these pairings we also create customised menu cards that pair our beers with your dishes.

Staff Training

It is increasingly important to have staff that are knowledgeable about the beers you sell. We provide your staff with the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to speak to customers in confidence about their beer choice. This will not only provide a more professional and pleasant experience for the customer, but will also enable you to upsell where appropriate.

Tasting Events

We organise tasting events designed to help promote beer our offering, build brand recognition and increase rate of sale. This interactive engagement with customers helps create a greater understanding of beer styles & their respective taste profiles as well as how beers can pair excellently with food. Organised tastings with our restaurant customers enable us to pair our beers with dishes from their menu. This further develops staff knowledge and appreciation of the beer/food combinations which they can suggest to their customers. We have undertaken organised tastings in a number of different formats from a more casual format to ticketed events.

Packaging Styles & Sizes

Our portfolio of beers covers a variety of SKU sizes. From the more traditional 30L and 50L draught kegs, to 330ml bottles and 500ml bottles, to the increasingly popular SKU sizes for craft beer of 330ml and 440ml cans. Our range caters towards all aspects required for your restaurant, bar or pub offering. The packaging of your beers creates an impression and reflects what sort of establishment you are; World Beers can help you with this.

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