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I went with my Dad and my brothers

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Troy Deeney has revealed he has refused to return to Watford training amid health concerns over his five month old son. The Watford striker has been vocal in his opposition against the Premier League’s Project Restart plans and also raised concerns this week over a lack of screening for BAME(black, Asian and minority ethnic) players. Premier League clubs will return to training on Tuesday with the aim of the season getting back up and running behind closed doors next month, but Deeney has insisted he will not be taking part..

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Wearing what I would have worn to New York, but working from home instead. Maybe rewatching a game tonight. Under normal circumstances, the daughter of Ava and Mona Benach, two of the founders of DC Girls Baseball, might have attended Opening Day with her family or at least been following cheap jerseys the game from school..

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