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I tell the kids now as a father of a girl it is even

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As for the notion that not everybody loves everybody in a locker room, that shouldn be a shocker, either. In any office of 50 people whether an insurance office, a carpenters hall, or a football locker room there is going to be friction. Some workers are more favored by the boss.

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I have felt like a father to a lot of my kids in the past but the bond of flesh and blood is powerful. Kids need positive influence now more than ever especially with the dangers of social media so my coaches and I try to provide structure and security for our kids and build positive relationships with all of our kids to make them better people. I tell the kids now as a father of a girl it is even more important that I make a concentrated effort to make these young men into people that other fathers will be proud to call them their sons especially if down the line they have the good fortune of being men who decided at some point to get married..

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