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I love to be able to swing a trade for Jrue

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Side note: I will try to reply to as many comments as possible but unfortunately this sub likes to prohibit anyone from posting too much if cheap canada goose what they say hurts other peoples feelings. Seems kinda fascist to me but whatevs. Every 10 minutes it is! 40 points submitted 4 days ago.

canada goose clearance sale I like them both as guys and as players, but they arent our future. I love to be able to swing a trade for Jrue, but that will cost us Domas, so I not sure it worth it. Doug is such a good shooter and finisher at the rim that domas gets open under the rim or doug gets a good look, unless they don run the handoff/curl tight enough and doug man gets over the screen, which with how good domas sets them and doug runs off them is rare.. canada goose clearance sale

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