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I know I a friendly, kind, person who is trying my best

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And if they don like me then it is their loss cause I awesome. I know I a friendly, kind, person who is trying my best. If they judge me or don like me then they are not someone whose approval or friendship I need.” And if I start to overthink something in the past I repeat “don dwell” to myself and force myself to think of something else instead.

Watch with Japanese subtitles. Japanese Netflix makes this very easy. If you are struggling to understand kids like I did, then watch a show WITH KIDS in it. I CANT DO IT. I CANT WIN. Do you know how depressing it is spending this much time in a game to fucking lose every match..

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In his new book, “Who Wants to Run?” Stanford University political scientist Andrew Hall investigates a familiar question why Congress is so polarized but comes to a less familiar answer. He writes, “Most legislative polarization is already baked into the set of people who run for office.” To understand more, I asked him some questions via email. Here is a lightly edited transcript of our exchange.

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