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For a dealership, a mentorship program can keep team

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping American Heritage Charter School: From March 13 19, we will have Virtual/Online school for all students. Spring Break will begin as normal March 20. Kids are scheduled to return to class on March 30. Having a mentor can provide the career direction and on the job learning that millennial employees seek, help prepare members of the next generation to take over the family business and offer a sounding board or supportive network for the industry’s underrepresented groups, including women and minorities. “We have to staff for tomorrow, and part of that is developing a supportive culture that will help propel the next iteration of the dealership and the next generation of leadership,” says Todd Smith, a former dealer who’s now CEO of ActivEngage, an auto technology company he co founded. For a dealership, a mentorship program can keep team members both new employees and veterans engaged, connected and growing in their careers. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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