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Duties on hardware imports were reduced and software

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India software industry came of age and achieved global scales and competitiveness with the Y2K phenomenon, mentioned by the PM in his address. Duties on hardware imports were reduced and software companies were supported to achieve this breakthrough. Similarly, India readymade garments industry achieved its present scale and competitiveness only through catering to global demand.

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“The wonderful thing about the PPP program is if you fell within all the proper guidelines, the loan miraculously could be turned into, effectively, a government grant,” said Davis. “So if you were straight down the middle of the fairway, it wasn’t a loan at all, to a large extent. It became free money from the government that you never had to pay back.

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Amrita universe turns upside down when Vikram slaps her at a party to celebrate his promotion. When he realizes that his dreams maybe nipped in the bud due to office politics, he vents out on his wife in public. In that moment, Amrita realizes it wasn one slap but there are so many more other unfair silent slaps that she had been ignoring for so for long.

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