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During the event, filmmaker Dana Brown will discuss

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The April 2020 Commission meeting, Game Commission staff recommended and the board of commissioners approved increased antlerless licenses in Wildlife Management Units where CWD had been detected. In addition, the board of commissioners approved a 14 day concurrent firearms season for antlered and antlerless deer in these WMUs to provide more hunting opportunity, said Christopher Rosenberry, the Game Commission Deer and Elk Section Supervisor. Antlerless deer license increases and concurrent seasons in these areas eliminate the need for DMAP permits in CWD areas.

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wholesale nba jerseys Multiple pairs now nest in this area. In addition, Maine birders have found other Sandhill Cranes in the late spring and summer. These locations include North Yarmouth, Auburn, Leeds, Chelsea, Manchester, Fryeburg, Smithfield, New Gloucester, Orland, Surry, Unity and Mount Desert Island wholesale nba jerseys.

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