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During the coronavirus pandemic

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Nurses play a key role today in educating patients about illness and healthy behaviors. During the coronavirus pandemic, those behaviors include staying home, social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands often, and covering coughs or sneezes. As our nurses, doctors and other caregivers are working tirelessly to provide direct patient care during this pandemic, it is our social responsibility to adopt these behaviors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus..

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Rsultat: la gamme Changemaker et ses trois produits une base perfectrice (matifiante ou hydratante), un fond de teint et une poudre presse (sans talc, base de minraux volcaniques pulvriss) pour unifier et illuminer la peau. Le fond de teint, offert en 32 teintes, offre un rsultat naturel. Le secret: l’entreprise s’est inspire de la technologie derrire les nettoyants micellaires pour offrir une formule longue dure de couvrance moyenne, enrichie de baies de maqui.

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