Clausthaler is an original multiple-award winning non-alcoholic beer brand having been brewed only in Frankfurt, Germany for over 30 years. Clausthaler beers are brewed using a patented method, resulting in a great tasting full-bodied beer with improved stability compared with other non-alcoholic beers. The Core range of Clausthaler beers is brewed to the German Purity Law, ensuring highest quality with only the use of water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Clausthaler has a proven track record & high ROS in both multiple supermarkets and online retailers.

Clausthaler Original

Clausthaler Original Beer
  • 0.5%

  • Non-alcoholic Lager

  • 330ml bottle, 500ml bottle & 330ml can

  • Tasting note: Great tasting, full-bodied non-alcoholic lager with a crisp and subtle hop character.

Clausthaler Unfiltered

Clausthaler Unfiltered Beer
  • 0.5%

  • Non-alcoholic Dry Hoped Lager

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: A dry hopped (using Cascade Hops) unfiltered lager with an amazing hop characteristic. The non-alcoholic option for the craft beer drinker.

Clausthaler Lemon

Clausthaler Lemon Beer
  • 0.5%

  • Non-alcoholic Radler

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: Clausthaler Lemon is a non-alcoholic Radler that blends Clausthaler’s trademark hoppy lager taste with a vibrant, zesty finish. Thirst quenching.

Clausthaler Grapefruit

Clausthaler Grapefruit Lager
  • 0.5%

  • Non-alcoholic lager with natural grapefruit juice

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: Clausthaler Grapefruit is a perfect blend of Clausthaler Original Non-Alcoholic Beer and Grapefruit Drink made with all-natural grapefruit juice. Extremely crisp and refreshing.