Cevejeria Amazônia

The Cevejeria Amazônia (Amazon Brewery) is a multiple national and international award-winning craft brewery based on the Amazon basin near Belém in the North region of Brazil. The Brewery specialises in brewing beers utilising ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Beer - Bacuri and Pilsen

Amazon Pilsen

Amazon Pilsen Beer
  • 4.1%

  • Craft Lager

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: Amazon Pilsen is a craft lager, very clean and crisp. It is very versatile with all foods. Brewed to a lower ABV % to remain a hydrating option in the humid jungle environment of the Amazon basin.

Amazon Bacuri

Amazon Bacuri Beer
  • 4.1%

  • Fruit beer utilising Bacuri Fruit

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: Amazon Bacuri is a fruit beer that utilises the Bacuri fruit within the brew. The Bacuri fruit is a citrus fruit naturally grown in the Amazon and gives the beer a super refreshing characteristic with a unique citrus burst.