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Bowen had a simple message for Bright: “We’re in

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A concert put together on behalf of China National Petroleum Corp for entertainment executives working in Turkmenistan, according to a statement from Lopez’s representative obtained by E! Online.Image caption Jennifer Lopez Made A Huge Error Of JudgementThe issue here, of course, is that Mr Berdymukhamedov has an atrocious human rights record and has ruled the country with an iron fist for years living in luxury while the vast majority of Turkemenistan’s inhabitants have nothing. According to a statement by the Human Rights Foundation, he is ranked as one of the nine “worst of the worst” dictators on the planet, while Transparcency International ranks the country as a bottom seven country in their Corruption Perception Index. Reporters Without Borders label Berdymukhamedov as a “predator of press freedom” and ranks Turkmenistan as the world’s third worst place for journalist, sitting uncomfortably between Syria, North Korea and Eritrea.

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