Birradamare Brewery

Birradamare is an Italian Brewery based on the outskirts of Rome in Fiumicino. Focusing on using local Italian ingredients, the brewery creates many different beers utilising seasonal ingredients. Their philosophy is to create beers with passion using the highest quality ingredients.

‘na Biretta Bio

Nabio Beer by Birradamare Brewery
  • 4.5%

  • Organic Lager

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: ‘na Biretta Bio is an organic lager made using spelt grain grown in the Umbrian mountains, creating a dry, light and refreshing lager

  • Food Pairing: Fish, canapés, light delicate dishes. Ideal as a light aperitif.

‘na Biretta Chiara

'na Biretta Chiara by Birradamare Brewery
  • 4.9%

  • Pilsen

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: ‘na Biretta Chiara is a perfectly balanced lager inspired by the famous Czech Pils. Offering a full taste with subtle hop aromas and bitterness plus that crisp, clean taste.

  • Food Pairing: Great with fried dishes, pizza, simple seafood dishes and as an aperitif.


Birra Roma Bionda

Birra Roma Bionda by Birradamare Brewery
  • 4.9%

  • Blonde Lager

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: Birra Roma is a delicate, easy-drinking blond beer with the characteristics of a lager but with extra body, depth and aroma.

  • Food Pairing: Pizzas, rich Italian dishes and spicy food.


‘na Biretta Rossa

Na Birreta Rossa by Birradamare Brewery
  • 6.3%

  • Bock

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: The original Italian beer style. Double-malt used to create a full-bodied beer with a fruity/caramel profile.

  • Food Pairing: Rich meats, spicy foods and strong cheeses.


IBC Tasting Silver Medal

La Zia Ale

La Zia Ale by Birradamare Brewery
  • 5.5%

  • Pale Ale infused with rosemary & artichoke

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: Utilising rosemary and artichoke within the brew, these authentic Italian flavours create a refreshing Pale Ale that is amazing with a wide range of foods.

  • Food Pairing: Lamb, pork and vegetarian dishes.

Dammen IPA

Dammen IPA by Birradamare Brewery
  • 5%

  • IPA – English style IPA

  • 330ml bottle

  • Tasting note: IPA packed with flavour and beautifully balanced. Floral with a fruity nose and a hoppy punch.

  • Food Pairing: Spicy and fatty foods. Mature cheeses.


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