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And Mindy’s like, have you guys ever met before and

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wholesale jerseys from china When Christ said that He was sending us out into the world as sheep in the midst of wolves, He did not cruelly abandon us to the task. He did not say, “Go and do the best you can and I’ll watch you from afar.” He remains with us in supernatural ways the world does not understand or acknowledge. A person truly saved (no matter how wayward) has to admit the presence of God abiding with him.

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Frank was preceded in death by his parents, Shakir and Nora Daoud; his in laws George and Wadia Samawi; his brothers and sisters in law Beshara “Charlie” and Suhaila David, Basheer and Nimeh David, Fehhed and Nabiha David and Fuad and Naifeh David; and his nephews Ihsan David, Tofig David and Basheer Daoud. Frank is survived by his wife Laila Daoud; his siblings Fahhad “Dave” (Ida) Daoud, Dr. Fuheid “Fred” (Dr.

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