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And I’m going to back them up with every breath that

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With precious few vacation days, Nicky, a teacher, originally had planned to work Thursday. Matt took the day off to watch the game at home or at Walter’s Sports Bar around the corner. They were both looking forward to attending the World Series banner raising ceremony at next week’s home opener.

Millions of workers and nannies and hotel clerks and line cooks instantly out of work. The father of three has been a taxi driver for about 30 years. He gone from working five days a week to three since the lockdown started, often only giving four or five rides a day.

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Though extreme, Louise’s mindset doesn’t appear to be far off from that of the average 20 something. The Friday after the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic, a friend asked if I wanted to go out for drinks. When I questioned safety, she retorted that coronavirus was “like the flu” and “being blown out of proportion.”.

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