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From producing the finest malt in Prague, Bohemia in the 19th century, to importing some of the planet’s finest, World Beers has four generations’ experience of working with the best beers in the world!

We believe in importing genuine authentic beer brands from around the globe. Brewers of these beers have recognised that, rather than dealing with a large brewer/distributor with many products (often not all of them beer) a specialist beer importer would be better placed to attend to the brands they handle in a much more focussed way.

World Beers is that company.

We know our stuff

Our on-trade knowledge of both national and regional/family owned brewers, as well as on-trade wholesalers is both extensive and long term. We have supplied national and regional brewers and wholesalers with our beers for many years and have been striving to educate drinkers that not all foreign beers are unpronounceable or undrinkable, and for brewers and wholesalers to understand that, within a mature declining overall beer market, the Speciality World Beer sector is one of the few in long-term growth.

In addition to working with national and regional brewers, we also work with a number of carefully chosen wholesalers with strong links to the more specialist bars and retailers in order to ensure that new speciality brands are seeded correctly in the appropriate outlets.

Our mission is to seek out authentic beers with a genuine provenance and a true point of difference. These could be either completely new to the UK market, or already available in very limited distribution but ripe for substantial expansion with the right brand development programme and skills.

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